Lilly Bits O' Heaven - Angelic Shichon Puppies
Meet Our Heavenly Little Stars!
     Lillybits Tomboy Roo!
Roo is the daughter of our Darby and Cricket and she lives at the beach with me, Heather! She looks so much like her Mama and is a beautiful creamy red. Roo gets along with everyone and loves the beach! She is happiest with sandy paws and salty kisses!

Roo is Tigger's sidekick in Winnie the Pooh and our girl reminds me of a happy, sweet, bouncy Roo who doesn't mind a little mischief too!

Lillybits Handsome Harley 
Harley is a Canadian now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am very  grateful to Dianne of Mollydogs for this beautiful boy. When Dianne chose to retire and asked if I wanted Harley, I was so excited! I have personally met most of Harley's parents, grandparents, great grandparents and even his great great Grandma Molly. The original Mollydog. He is pretty cute, Eh?  

Harley Our Canadian Lover Boy! This picture is his first romp on the beach at our home on the coast. He resides with Angie. 

     Lillybits Practically Human Hadley
Our Hadley is the daughter of Darby and Cayenne and lives with me, Heather. I never have to fear getting a big head, because I am regularly outsmarted by our Hadley! Keeps me humble! Hadley is unbelievably agile and smart. She has a helicopter tail that never stops doing circles of joy. Hadley loves to communicate and talk, not bark but make talking sounds! She really is the best of both her parents. She looks so much like her Father with her Mother's coloring. 

Hadley, our brainiac!  

     Lillybits Beautiful Bella!
Belladonna is her full name and she is adorable! Belladonna is one of Angie's girls and she is the daughter of our Cosmo and Lilly. She LOOKS just like her Daddy! Bella is on the smaller side but has a big personality. She LOVES to snuggle and she really likes to be the Belle of every ball. She would like your full attention, pretty please :) 

Belladonna our beautiful litte girl!  

     Lillybits Sweet Xander 
Xander lives with me, Heather. Xander is one of the sweetest boys I have ever had the pleasure to live with. He loves to cuddle and oh my gosh is he gorgeous. He has a stocky little body, big eyes and deep wowzie color. Xander really likes living with the beach and LOVES to chase birds. We jokingly say that he bring the x-factor to his pups! Cutie patooties!

The X-factor!  

     Lillybits Katniss - Natural Born Leader
Katniss is the daughter of our retired parents Elsa and Darby. She is a leader in our little pack and lives by the sea with me, Heather. Katniss leads by example and other dogs seem to just respect her. 

She is obedient by nature, gentle and brings a calm with her whereever she goes. Katniss goes with the flow and is happy to just be :)  

Katniss - Our girl on fire :)