Our LillyBits Family Scrapbook!
At LillyBits we love receiving pictures of our puppies as they grow. We never forget a puppy and they always feel like family. I am so tickled when I receive an email with new photos that I call our whole gang around the computer and we  ooooh and aaaah!  Now when we receive a new photo we have a special spot to proudly display them on the website <Hint Hint> ... so please keep the photo's coming. Enjoy our latest addition: The Scrapbook!
A day in the life of a Lillybit...
Lilly Bits O Heaven - Angelic Shichon Puppies
Darby enjoying an afternoon with me at the dog park :)
Well Hello Bradley! Aren't we animated!!
Happy Happy Birthday Pablo!
Ruh Roh! Gidget is one but not thrilled with her hat!
Molly as a polar dog... brrrrrr.
Tucker & Tes have mastered the 'inquistive' look :)
Little Miss Mini and a friend.
Ginger - are you real? You are so cute you could be a stuffed animal :)
Daisy baby!
Cricket & Lilly smiling for the camera!
Bella Boo after her first haircut!
Cuddly little Bella Boo.
Audi is a quite the ladies man! Woo hoo Audi, those are some beautiful women!
Griffin & Molly after their spa day. Fluffy puppies.
Daisy with both her big sisters.
Ollie celebrated St. Patty's day in style.
Nurse Molly taking good care of Greta while she
wasn't feeling well.
Sweet Daisy with her gorgeous curls and color!!
Cooper practicing the 'leave it' command with some
very tempting red shoes.
Otis on a car ride in his very own seat.
Daisy - that is an awfully comfy bed you have :)
Jack showing off his belly after a good meal. Jack
hasn't met a meal he didn't like! LOL